Smartphones have changed the face of India. Before it was a luxury and now it has become a necessity and something that probably everyone has. Although buying a smartphone is a hell of a task and we all know it because there are so many options available with the similar kind of configuration, it just becomes hard to make the decision. Now, that phones have become even cheaper and you could quickly get a phone that will work well for at least two years, it’s confusing to figure out what might be best for you. But, why worry? We are here to help you make the decision.

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Don’t go over budget

New phones come in every day, and some of them have very exuberant prices, and all of it might tempt you to go over budget thinking that a costlier phone might be better. In a situation like this, don’t pay for a phone more than you need to. A smartphone might look expensive, but it might not be that expensive or worth it. You could get what you want for under 30000/- so there is no point in buying a phone that costs 80000/- or above. Price, this is why is a significant factor considered when you are buying a smartphone. Always look in your pocket and try to find something great at a reasonable price. There are so many offers today on mobiles which can be used to get major discounts.

See the build

The materials being used to make the phone matter a lot when you are purchasing one. Nowadays the phones come in metal bodies, plastic bodies and some go as far as having glass panels on them. Things like glass won’t be a good option for a person who is prone to dropping their phones. It’s better to go for a metal or plastic build then. Some of you prefer the phone to be sleek and sophisticated which is what metal body delivers. This is one feature that could influence the choice a lot.


Today, what most smartphones promote themselves with is the larger than life experience. They base all of it on the kind of display they are providing on the phone. Also, the size of the display is something that matters as well. Go for something that’s handy and is lightweight. Having something with a display of more than 6 inches doesn’t make sense. This way you will just have a bulkier phone and phone displays with 5-6” screen seem more than enough. Also, go for HD screen displays that will enhance your whole user experience.

Internal memory

Nowadays, phones come with just internal memory space, expanding options are slowly being eliminated and internal space options are being expanded. If you are a person who stores everything on their phone then go for a phone that has 64-128 GB or more. Just 32 GB or less won’t suffice in such a case. If you don’t have much on your phone then even 16 Gb is more than enough. As the internal space increases, the price also does so take this decision carefully.


A processor is like the backbone of the phone and how your phone functions depend on the processor only. If you are a person who loves gaming or uses heavy apps then a phone with a low processor isn’t the one for you. Multi-tasking becomes easy when you have a powerful processor that can support all the apps that you use. At the moment, Qualcomm Snapdragon is the best one for the phones coming in the market. Easy going phones is what we all like and no one likes a phone that hangs all the time so processor has to be up for it all.


How could we function without the cameras on our smartphones? Selfies and great pictures are what we live for. We know how sad it is when we don’t have a good movie to post. This is why I would suggest no social media king/queen buy a phone with a lousy camera. You get dual cameras today with night photography and portrait modes that have made clicking good pictures very easy. Don’t go for something less than a 15 MP camera. Aperture and other features of the camera are more important than the megapixels. For some people camera is the most important of all as things like blogging and snapping, have become popular. So, the camera might be something you would want to check properly.


There is no point in using any phone if you are running around with a charger all the time. The battery backs up of a phone should be good enough to last you for quite a while. At least 3500 mah cell has become mandatory for any phone, and anything less than that means a warning. You can’t always find a plug point so buy a phone that stays up for the day and doesn’t go out when you need it the most. If a device can get you through at least ten hours without a drained battery, then that is what you should pick.


The kind of ports the phone has in it also matter as many brands are changing the old 2.5mm jacks now and coming to 3.5mm for earphones. Apple changed its game entirely with the extension for iPhone. You can’t charge your phone and listen to songs together. Something like is what one wouldn’t like. Try to avoid hassles like this and buy something that is enough for your needs.

Considering all these simple specifications carefully is what will get you to a phone that is perfect for you. See everything holistically and not individually. A phone that has it all will be the one that you need to buy. Anything less than this is not what you deserve. If going a little over budget is required, and you get all these features then there is no harm. All in all, you have to get the best phone for yourself.


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